A model for a

better future.


We work for
the common good.

The Global Goals is a list of 17 objectives at a worldwide level set by the UN, whose common link is that they are designed as a model for a better and more sustainable future for everyone. This is known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At Erecycling we believe that people as much as corporations should do our best to meet these objectives. We must work together for the common good: peace and prosperity around the world.

At Erecycling we work on the following sustainable development goals:

Health and welfare

› Blood donation to Murcia Health Service by our workers.

› Sponsored runs by the Global París athletics team.

› Creation of sports teams formed by our workers. 

Affordable and clean energy

› Energy transition based on rational use and clean energies. 

› Currently, our consumption of clean energy is 50%, and in 2021-2022 it will be 75%.

› Clean energy: replacing old lighting with cleaner LED (SCRAPYARD, PLANT).

Decent work and economic growth

› Currently, more than 85% of our workforce is on a permanent contract, and we are striving to increase that figure. 

› At the same time, our workforce has grown by 13% every year since 2013.

› Inclusion of disabled people and integration (no discrimination).

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

› Diversification of the investment in new business models based on the research and development of sustainable environmental services. 

› Post-fragmentation plant project.

Reducing inequalities

› Annual financial donation to various Murcian associations that fight inequality: Cáritas, Manos Unidas, Jesús Abandonado, CAIF… 

Production and responsible consumption

› New sustainable packaging for Desguace París shipments.

› New bags made from recycled material. 

Carbon footprint certification

› Promotion of environmental events sponsorship.

› Creation of collection points for WEEE.

› Creation of the “Global París Ecology Brigade”.

› Distribution of recycling bins around workplaces.

› Carbon Footprint Certification Project. 

Alliances to meet objectives

› Creation of collaboration frameworks with other conglomerates with the aim of multiplying resources.