Working together for a more

sustainable planet.

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We create cleaner and more efficient
production processes

Erecycling is the subsidiary company of the Global París Group responsible for taking a step further in the circular economy and the processes of productive environmental sustainability.

Beginning in 2014, its main purpose is the management and treatment of Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment, decontaminated End-of-Life Vehicles and other scrap metals to obtain products fit for processing in raw material production and recycling industries.

They form part of the production process, the treatment, separation and storage of processed materials such as iron, plastic, aluminium, copper, polyurethane and glass and the valorisation of the resulting waste.

A step further in the circular economy

Authorised to treat 85,000 tonnes of waste

Erecycling is one of nine plants in Spain authorised to treat WEEE, refrigeration and temperature exchange equipment such as refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners. This guarantees the collection and correct management and treatment of the CFC and/or refrigerant gases found in said equipment which, when released into the atmosphere, destroy the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

Reduction of CO2 emissions by 70,000 tonnes per year

Erecycling is the result of working by and for the circular economy. The production process generated involves reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 70,000 tonnes per year, since it is not necessary to first extract the recovered elements such as iron, steel, aluminium or copper.


We believe in the
value of people.
We aim for the best team.

Without the hard work of each of our team members that make up Erecycling, none of this would be possible. Our team is made up of:

3 plant managers

Technical Management, Product Sales and Environment

3 operation supervisors

Responsible for ELV-FRAG, WEEE and Maintenance

25 ELV-FRAG operators

Machine Operators, Bobcat Operators, Welders, Tria/Trommel/Foucault Operators, Maintenance and Cleaning

12 WEEE operators

Operarios de carga y descarga, Clasificadores y Tratadores.

3 Commercial Technicians

Tres expertos en la Captación de Residuo Entrante (VFU, Chatarra y RAEEs).

5 Administrative Technicians

Five Scale, Accounting and WEEE Operations Technicians

1 office cleaner

One person is in charge of cleaning the premises.

A total of 52 cualified experts.

currently make up Erecycling and allow for the complete management of all authorised waste, with the right training for the relevant post which is constantly updated according to our ongoing annual training schemes.