Working together for a more

sustainable planet.


Committed to

Based on our strong commitment to both society and the environment, we take our CSR policies seriously, thus providing added value to our work and positively impacting social welfare. To this end, we begin with internal CSR actions as far as possible, and then with external CSR actions, striving to meet greater and greater challenges.

Presentations and participation in events

Erecycling actively participates in events and initiatives organised by the media, associations and universities to spread and place value on the circular economy.

Recruitment policy

At Erecycling we reject all forms of discrimination and value each person individually according to their aptitudes in an objective and honest manner. Besides, we actively participate in dual vocational programmes.

Collaboration with associations and NGOs

As part of our CSR policies, collaboration with associations such as Cáritas, ASSIDO, AMIAB Group or Jesús Abandonado plays a fundamental role.

Visits to schools and universities

With the aim of spreading the importance of the circular economy, the Erecycling team organises visits and activities in schools, and also offers students of related subjects the opportunity to expand their practical knowledge in this field.

New post-fragmentation plant

The addition of a post-fragmentation plant improves the efficiency of the recycling process, hence obtaining a better quality of recycled material while reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating transport and unnecessary processes.

New LED lighting

This measure reduces the carbon footprint of the plant; another step towards reducing it to zero.

Reduction and elimination of the Carbon Footprint

This is undoubtedly our most ambitious objective. As a prominent business in the circular economy, all our efforts are directed towards achieving a zero carbon footprint. We can do it!