What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how can we participate?

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs, or Sustainable Development Goals, are a project developed by individuals, businesses, and institutions worldwide, uniting 193 countries in a common effort to address the problems faced by all nations. Achieving these goals requires interdisciplinary action from politicians, businesses, economic agents, and all citizens and sectors of society.

The project was initiated in 2015 with the development of studies and design proposals to address challenges related to the most urgent issues on the planet. Socially, the goals include combating poverty, enabling prosperity for all inhabitants, and reducing inequalities. On an environmental level, the aim is to reduce human impact while maintaining a suitable quality of life.

The goal is to achieve 17 objectives by 2030, with an initial timeframe of 15 years, allowing society to be educated and aware of concerns affecting everyone. As these projects have different natures, any individual or company can contribute in one way or another by incorporating efficient contributions within their capabilities into their main activities.

Global Paris participates by integrating these goals into the identity of the group’s companies and daily practices, aiming to make a more efficient contribution over time. We contribute to the ‘Health and well-being’ goal through blood donations, campaigns, and support for sports. Additionally, we support the ‘Affordable and clean energy’ goal, which is part of our DNA. Erecycling’s purpose is to provide society with all the facilities to make recycling of materials that can have a second life easier. Many components of refrigerators, vehicles, and other technological products can be reused to try to curb the destruction and waste of resources. We also align with the ‘Industry, innovation, and infrastructure’ goal by diversifying investments in new business models based on the research and development of environmentally sustainable services. In essence, all our actions are carried out with the awareness of the ‘Climate action’ goal, promoting sponsorship of environmental events, establishing collection points for WEEE, placing recycling containers, and creating the ‘Global Paris Ecological Brigade.’