Take care of the environment, use public transport

The use of public transportation is, for many, the best option for daily travel, as it is a punctual, precise, and, above all, environmentally efficient service. Large cities with a high number of circulating vehicles tend to have the worst air quality results. By replacing the use of private vehicles, we reduce the number of vehicles in circulation, leading to a decrease in pollution.

The excessive use of vehicles in cities causes noise pollution, congestion in cities and heavily trafficked roads, and makes cities dirtier. Moreover, car emissions are a significant factor in environmental conservation, as the use of combustion vehicles leads to high levels of pollution such as CO2, as well as gases that are harmful to our health, such as carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The CO2 emitted by cars is one of the major contributors to the greenhouse effect.

Currently, all companies and countries are investing in mobility improvements due to the climate emergency we are facing. At the moment, besides the alternative of electric vehicles compared to combustion ones, the most economical and effective way to address these problems is to use public transportation instead of private vehicles.

Additionally, there is a significant economic saving for the user, as fuel expenses are higher than the cost of passes, many of which have public participation.

To maintain the world as we know it, we must all commit, and the use of public transportation is one of the most efficient, as well as convenient, tools to address global warming and mitigate its effects.

There are many options: subways, trams, and buses – hop on one of them!